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Monolithic Cabin

Sarah wrote me about the new Monolithic Cabin and wanted me to share it with everyone. I had seen it in it’s early design stage but wanted to wait tell they had photographs to show you this unique cabin. It is not going to win a beauty contest but portability and durability will rank high for […]

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The Pod Camping Hut

I was planning on writing a couple of book reviews today but discovered this on materialicious and really liked it and wanted to share it with you. The design is so simple but it looks so cool, it reminds me of a wine barrel or a boat flipped upside down for a tiny living space. […]

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Igloo Satellite Cabin

One of my favorite cabins that I discovered recently is the Igloo Satellite Cabin. I first saw this at materialicious and have sense been in contact with Anthea Wallhead of Icewall One in Australia where the igloo satellite cabin is made. At the current exchange rate, a basic igloo will costs approx $8,500 USD plus shipping. Here is a […]

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