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That Roundhouse

This roundhouse, built of wood, cobwood, straw and recycled windows, is located in southwest Wales and is owned by Tony Wrench. It’s not only a low impact natural dwelling built with what was on hand, but it’s become a symbol for the rights of natural builders within the United Kingdom.

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Indianapolis Island

What looks like an iceberg in the middle of a lake or a half-melted marshmallow is actually is an experimental living structure inhabited by art students. Indianapolis Island is an art piece created by Andrea Zittel and inhabited this summer by art students Jessica Dunn and Michael Runge. It is one of the eight works of art in the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s 100 Acres art and nature park.

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Findhorn Whiskey Barrel House

The Findhorn Foundation near Forres in Scotland is a spiritual community, organic farm international center for holistic education. It is known around the globe for its sustainable living, ultra small carbon footprint and its legendary vegetable gardens. It is also known for its eco-village and within that village, several round houses made out of recycled […]

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