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Igloo Satellite Cabin

One of my favorite cabins that I discovered recently is the Igloo Satellite Cabin. I first saw this at materialicious and have sense been in contact with Anthea Wallhead of Icewall One in Australia where the igloo satellite cabin is made. At the current exchange rate, a basic igloo will costs approx $8,500 USD plus shipping. Here is a […]

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If your looking for basic shelter with a very limited budget. Check out World Shelters U-Dome. a 200 sq ft 12 feet tall dome structure. This may be just what you are looking for to get started in a tiny house living structure. The U-Dome is a versatile, all-weather shelter that can withstand extreme heat […]

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CalEarth’s Eco-Dome can be built out of nothing more than dirt, barbed wire, and the same kind of polyethylene bags used to make sandbags to contain floods. The house will probably last longer if you mix some cement with the dirt, but it’s not absolutely necessary. The bags come in the form of a continuous […]

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