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FirstDay Cottage

The FirstDay Cottage company in New Hampshire offers a house kit which they claim a couple, and a handful of friends, can build in approximately fifteen weekends and for under $45,000. These house kits can be customized for each customer and can be built with almost no carpentry experience. What I found very refreshing about […]

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Little Red Cabin Plans

Many of you expressed interest in the availability of the plans for this little red cabin we featured in a recent Tiny House in a Landscape post. The owner has kindly consented to making these plans available through the Tiny House Blog. This 14 x 28 cabin is 392 square feet plus a 198 square […]

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Little House and Laminate Flooring

We didn’t do everything right when we built The Little House, but I love the things we did do right. One of those things was to skip the carpeting and instead, we installed laminate flooring that looks like wood. I put a lot of thought into the flooring because I hate carpet – and here’s […]

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