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How to Build A Tiny House: A Tiny House Building Guide

Plumbing, screws, zoning codes, roofing…there is so much to consider when deciding to build your own tiny home. In Ryan Mitchell’s How to Build A Tiny House: A Tiny House Building Guide, you will be covered. This simple and easy to understand book provides even the most novice with a practical guide to building your […]

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Living Large in Our Little House – Book Announcement

This is a guest post from Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell, whose book, “Living Large in Our Little House: Thriving in 480 Square Feet With Six Dogs, a Husband And One Remote…Plus, More Stories of How You Can, Too” is being released today. I provided the foreword to Kerri’s book and I think you too, will enjoy her […]

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Dude Making a Difference

Dude Making a Difference cover

I’ve been reading a fun book by my online friend Rob Greenfield. We have not had the opportunity to meet in person yet but I’m hoping we will sometime in the near future. Rob’s book is called Dude Making a Difference and subtitled Bamboo Bikes, Dumpster Dives and Other Extreme Adventures Across America. The intro […]

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