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Manhattan 90-square-foot Microstudio

Kirsten Dirksen from located in Barcelona, Spain contacted me the other day to share some more of her videos. I had posted a couple of her videos about Jenines tiny house and she is sharing a series on tiny spaces with the Tiny House Blog. I have started a new category called Tiny House […]

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Minimalist Apartment Living

Tammy Strobel is off on vacation this week and is taking a digital break as too. Tammy writes about minimalism and she also lives the life that she promotes. Tammy recently took these pictures of their small apartment in Portland to share with her readers and before she left on vacation gave me permission to […]

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Pocket Suites in Winnipeg

Amanda brought to my attention the Pocket Suites in Winnipeg. The Pocket House model is a recent development aimed at alleviating one segment of the affordable housing need in Manitoba. The study concluded that construction of new buildings on scattered narrow infill lots would fit well with the City of Winnipeg’s inventory of vacant lots […]

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