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Skoolie Homes Tiny House Magazine Cover

In the last couple of years Skoolies, aka retired school buses, have become a very popular alternative to live tiny. The neat thing about a Skoolie is that you are repurposing an old school bus that has been put out to pasture. Often these buses have very low mileage yet the law requires them to […]

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Mega Tiny Home Communities Coming to Austin

Are tiny home communities the next big thing? The movement has gone from obscure to a hot housing trend. It has even made it into the marketing big-leagues; see Andrew Odom’s recent post, Big Business for the Tiny House. Last year I sat down with Jay Shafer, who built his first tiny home in 1999, […]

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The Lost Sea Expedition Series

About the Lost Sea Expedition What’s it like to spend 14 months crossing the Great Plains – from Canada to Mexico – in a 21-square foot, solar powered, one mule wagon? Hi. I’m filmmaker Bernie Harberts. The Lost Sea Expedition is my Public TV series about my 14-month wagon voyage across America. I filmed the […]

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