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4th of July Tiny House Magazine Special

Tiny House Magazine Yearly PDF Subscription 20% OFF Since 2013 I have been publishing Tiny House Magazine allowing dozens of voice in the tiny house community to be heard. We have brought so many wonderful stories to life and shared so many stunning images. Truth is, there is no reason to keep it to ourselves. […]

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Tiny House Design Stencils

My friend Michael Janzen from Tiny House Design recently started a Kickstarter campaign for his Tiny House Stencils. Michael does fantastic work and has published some really good books and I think you will find this tool invaluable if you are designing your own home. There are two stencil designs, one for drawing the exterior […]

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A New Tiny House Resort Community Comes to Pennsylvania

Despite the exploding popularity of tiny houses, there are still relatively few options to experience tiny living first-hand. Even scarcer, legal parking options. But how do you go about changing all of that? Meet Abby Hobson, a young, enthusiastic entrepreneur with a big vision. Tiny Estates is a tiny house resort community in Elizabethtown, PA. […]

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