Tiny House Magazine Issue 19

Tiny House Magazine Issue 19 is available and ready for you to read and enjoy. Andrew Odom says:

The tiny house movement is interesting in that many think it started just a dozen years ago or so with a man, his rented U-Haul, and a vision turned reality. Truth is it began almost the moment human beings came in to existence. 

If you follow the tiny house ethos of need–vs-want as I do and a blatant disregard for consumerism and ostentatiousness then the tiny house movement has been around forever. From cave dwellings to huts to tee-pees to cottages and everything in between the tiny house movement is a beautiful melting pot of legacies, heritages, people groups, ideas, and innovations. This month Tiny House Magazine shows just that.

I finally put pen to paper to really express the rich history of tiny houses as seen in Southern dwellings in Shotgun Chic. 

Scholar Audra Odom talks about small houses and accommodating housing in Great Britain that have found their way stateside. 

Tiny House Builder and Marketing Strategist Ryan Harris discusses Overcoming Obstacles in his article of the same name which takes a look at why some choose to build and why some choose to just stay a dreamer.

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 19

Tiny Home Estimation App

With 14 titles all rolling off the shelves at brick and mortar bookstores and online retailers like Barnes and Noble and Amazon, somehow author Jobe Leonard still wanted more. This time he digitized the estimation process for construction of Tiny Homes.

“I have always lived in a tiny home and preached the benefits both financial and mental,” says Jobe. “Most people who see a tiny home immediately want one. It reminds them of simpler times with less stress, bills, and material possessions. However, no one has ever been able to pinpoint what it costs quickly and easily.” With that motivation Mr. Leonard set out to change the rules of Tiny Home estimation forever. The basis for his new software to help prospective Tiny Home lovers was set.

Jobe creating app

The App Jobe created has taken the Tiny Home world and opened it up to hundreds of thousands of individuals who never knew where to begin. After over a decade of building Tiny Homes made specifically of timbers harvested from sustainable forestlands, Mr. Leonard went harnessed his inner creativity once more. He created not only an App specifically for the Tiny Home Movement, but also a 200+ page workbook available in paperback, Kindle, and I-book. His work has consistently topped the charts for all “Architecture” books around the globe, not just the Tiny Home niche’,

Mr. Leonard undoubtedly will not stop here. He has 13 more Apps in development and 6 more titles on the press. One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment in the Tiny House of author, builder, and tech developer, Jobe Leonard.

Both the Tiny Home workbook and the Tiny Home App can be found at


Tiny Home Estimator


How To Wire Your Own Micro House

Kevin Coy has been featured in several Tiny House Blog posts in the past. He has been involved in tiny house or micro house construction for several years now and you can follow him at his blog at http://kevinsmicrohomestead.wordpress.com/

Kevin recently produced a DVD to teach you how to wire your own tiny or micro house. Although I have not yet seen it in person knowing his past record with training via video (see Save Thousands on Your Micro House Project) If you relate with his style you will like this DVD as well. Check it out here or click on the photo below. Happy learning!