Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course

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The next session of the Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course (brought to you by Mariah from Cometcamper.com) is coming up soon, so you’ll want to sign up to save your spot in this fun and challenging e-course. If you’re thinking about moving into a tiny house, small camper, or other little space, this e-course would be a perfect fit. Or maybe you’re just looking to live a simpler, decluttered lifestyle. The class is filled with people from all walks of life and with unique goals – some moving into tiny houses, some moving into the RV lifestyle, and some just downsizing one step at a time. In the course, you have the chance to connect with all of these like-minded people and share your challenges and successes!

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What did the first class think about the Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course brought to you by Mariah of Cometcamper.com? I’ll let them tell you:

“Thank you, Mariah, for one of the best experiences of a lifetime!” – Lisa

“I signed up for the e-course and was a bit nervous! The first batch of course matter was worth the price of the entire course!! It is so info packed and I totally dig the self exploration it sparked! Thank you Thank you Thank you!” – Christine

“I’m in the current course and am so glad I signed up for it! My husband and I have been preparing for about 7 months to downsize to a converted bus and were unsure if this course was really gonna have anything new to offer. It not only had new ideas and resources for us to explore but gave us a kick in our giddy up to start or finish projects we already knew needed attention. I highly recommend this course.” – Suzanne

“Love. Love. Love this! Absolutely Brilliant.” – Janis

“I thought I was taking this course for one reason, because I have too much STUFF, and it turns out it I am taking this course to renew my soul and reclaim that generous, happy, creative person I left behind somewhere … ME” – J.

“Thanks for a terrific course, Mariah! You have taught us “life” and (mental) “survival skills”. The process you have used to redirect our thinking while burdened by the overwhelming voice of “how will I ever manage this?”…has really been spot on.” – Judy

The e-course is based on my own experience downsizing, and is a series of challenges, methods and practices that will help you the way they helped me move into 100 sq ft (whether you go that extreme is up to you!). The cool thing about taking the e-course is that you will be in a supportive environment of people who understand what you’re trying to do by downsizing, and are there to help and motivate you. I know from experience, sometimes people in our lives don’t “get” what we’re trying to do by simplifying our lives, and it can be discouraging. Many students have said that the community formed through the class is one of the best parts. It’s really inspiring and motivating to be around other people who are experiencing the things you are.

According to one current Tiny Transition + Downsizing student, “The other students are truly wonderful…So many good friends all at once just doesn’t happen every day! And we are all on one form or another of this journey and can relate so well to each other. It’s like suddenly inheriting a huge family!”

If you need some help figuring out “where the hell do I start?”, this course will break it all down for you step by step. I know it can seem like a daunting task to downsize your belongings, bills, and lifestyle. My helpful, fun, and challenging tasks will get you on the path to smart-sizing, simplified freedom in no time. You want to own the stuff you have, not the other way around!
The class is about more than just phsyical stuff: I’m going to be helping you minimize your emotional “baggage” with techniques that I’ve used myself in order to gain total freedom. In this course you will learn how to simplify and downsize your expenses and bills, which is all a part of finding a simpler life. Even if you’re not ready to move into a tiny home (in whichever form that may take for you), but want to declutter your space and mind, this course can help you.

Here’s how the e-course works:

Once a week, on a specified day, you will be emailed a course session to complete at your convenience before the next week. The class can be done at your pace on your schedule. You will have access to the other people doing the class with you (and the people from the past sessions, who are very valuable resources!) in the form of a private class forum. This course is designed to jump-start the downsizing process with specific instructions (things I have done myself) and provide motivation in a helpful, supportive space.

During the e-course, you will:

  • explore your personal goals for downsizing your lifestyle, and learn about yourself in the process
  • learn how to digitize your belongings
  • see which areas in your life are the best to start this process with, and practice fun and challenging exercises in order to de-clutter your home and your life
  • learn how to sell your stuff
  • clear your emotional baggage
  • downsize your bills and lifestyle in more than just a physical sense

Throughout the class you will meet and connect with like-minded people on their own downsizing journeys. You will also have access to me throughout the course, to answer your questions and keep you accountable!

Whether you are transitioning into a tiny house or just looking to smart-size your life, this e-course will show you how to declutter your space, your head, and your life in a holistic way.
We each have a story to tell about how we got here, where we come from and where (and who) we want to be. I look forward to hearing your stories and supporting you in this process. I can honestly say that downsizing my stuff and clearing my space, both mental and physical, is the best thing that has come of my “tiny house” obsession. It is the first step to creating real change in our lives, and making room for more important things. You don’t need to have a tiny house to start feeling the benefits of simplicity right now! The Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course will help you get started right now.

This e-course is 8 weeks long and the next session begins on APRIL 6th, 2014. Sign up now to save your spot! If you want to join us, see all the details here: http://www.cometcamper.com/e-courses/.

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Tiny House Magazine Spring Sale

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Only two more days!

Spring is officially here and with this change of season I wanted to offer a discount on the Tiny House Magazine. We just published the fifteenth issue and I want to make all issues available at a 20% discount till the end of the month of the PDF magazine.

If you have never purchased the magazine you can purchase all fifteen issues at one low price. Simply click on the Buy Now Button on the sales page.

If you have purchased some of the issues but not all of them you can save 20% off any issue simply by entering the coupon code spring at checkout time.

The sale ends at the end of day March 31, 2014. So take advantage of the low price now.

Click Here!

15 Issue Spring Sprecial

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Tiny House Blog Brilliant Chair Workshop

by Kent Griswold on March 29th, 2014. 11 Comments

April 5-6, 2014, Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 4pm

Not too late, a few more seats available.

Join us for the first of our Tiny House Classes, a joint venture between Tiny House Blog, Northwest Woodworking Studio, and the Reclaimed Wood Blog. Presented at The Northwest Woodworking Studio, 1002 SE 8th Ave, Portland Oregon.

In this two day workshop you will learn from Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski about furniture design and building techniques as we build The Brilliant Chair.

Northwest School

The skills you learn in this workshop are ones you can take home to use on furniture, woodworking, and Tiny House projects.

They include:

  • Hand tool use for accurate measuring and marking
  • Sawing with chop saws, saber saws, and band saws
  • Hand plane techniques for cleaning up lumber, texturing, and prepping surfaces
  • Assembly techniques
  • Using portable drills and screws
  • Wood finishing

This is a great project that you’ll love building and using.

Also included in the two day class tuition are these added values:

Salvage Works of North Portland will also give a short demonstration on how to pick the correct materials using reclaimed lumber.

EB Tools is supplying two of their new KwickGripper nail pulling tools for a drawing. They will also offer 20% off coupons for those who do not win the tool to purchase one from their website. TheKwickGripper is a $30 value.

CeCe of CeCe Caldwell Paints has agreed to come in and talk about her great paints with the class. She is also providing every student with a free quart of paint of the color of their choice.

Plans for The Brilliant Chair come as part of the class from The Northwest Woodworking Studio.

Finally as a bonus you will receive a six month subscription to the Tiny House Magazine in PDF format.

To learn more and sign up click here.

Only twelve spaces available so sign up right away. Go to www.NorthwestWoodworking.com to enroll.

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Tiny House Dating? Really?

by Kent Griswold on March 28th, 2014. 47 Comments

With Kai Rostcheck

This week we had a conversation with Kai Rostcheck, who recently introduced the website TinyHouseDating to our community. This concept presents an intriguing angle on the Movement in general. We’d like to hear your comments (below).

Tiny House Blog: Tiny House Dating? Really?

Kai: (Laughs) Sure, why not?

Tiny House Blog: Ok, fair enough. Maybe we should turn the question around. Why create a Tiny House Dating website?

Kai: While researching the tiny house movement, I noticed several themes. One of them was that “other people” just don’t understand our values. Tiny House Enthusiasts on several different blogs and forums commented that they are confident and fulfilled by decisions they have made on their own, but when it comes to companionship something’s missing. They were having a hard time meeting people who shared their perspective on what’s important, so first dates rarely went much further.

tiny house dating

Tiny House Blog: And a dating website will fix this how?

Kai: Here’s the thing, Tiny House Dating isn’t about Tiny Houses. Those are objects. Our site (and the movement in general) is about a shift in values. All we are doing is creating a deal-breaker filter, someone who can’t get his head around Tiny House living isn’t going to join the site. This means that everyone who does opt-in, does so with a similar intentions. Their specific choices around friendship, dating or life partnership will vary, but the unifying theme is connection and understanding.

Tiny House Blog: So it’s like a non-smoker knowing she wouldn’t want to date a smoker? She wants to know his preference up front so she doesn’t waste her time, right?

Kai: Exactly. But instead of smoking, our filter is lifestyle choice. Tiny House Dating is for people who place higher value on freedom, flexibility and even sustainability than on “stuff.”

Tiny House Blog: Do you have to live in a Tiny House to join?

Kai: No. We hope that members of other communities (like Minimalism, Simple Living and Homesteading) will join, too. In fact, our profile questions are specifically designed to help people talk about who they are and how they want to live, rather than focusing on where they are living right now.

Tiny House Blog: Has the community really grown large enough to support our own dating site?

Kai: One thing that really blows me away was a statistic I discovered while creating I Love Tiny Houses. Tiny House videos have been watched nearly 27 million times! I know that far fewer Tiny Houses have actually been sold, but this number leads me to believe that there are many, many people wanting to change the way they’ve been living. And again, we don’t expect everyone who joins to end up living in a Tiny House. They might simply be choosing how to purposefully “right-size” their lives. It’s not a bad place to start.

Tiny House Blog: But there are all of those other (massive) dating sites out there already, with so many people to choose from…

Kai: It’s about alignment. Tiny House people know what we are looking for. Our very interest in Tiny Houses defines us as being outside of the status quo. Could we go on a hundred dates through Match.com or OkCupid and find the right person? Sure…anything is possible. But wouldn’t we rather opt for one high-quality connection and a better chance that it will work out? I think so.

Tiny House Blog: We know that your site is brand new, but there is already some activity. Can you tell us what you are noticing, and how people are describing themselves?

Kai: Members of our community definitely crave connection. Their personal profiles and stories reinforce what I mentioned earlier; many Tiny House people want to find friends and partners who share their values. I’ve noticed other important contexts, too. For example, we can see clearly that Tiny House partnership is not just about the house itself. Our friend Andrew Odom says it best, I think, when he advises potential Tiny Housemates to, “Hold your relationship up above all other things.” Then, there is the reality that building/buying a Tiny House together can be very stressful and/or incredibly bonding. Finally, I frequently hear things along the lines of, “The world still thinks we’re nuts. But being ‘nuts’ together makes us stronger.”

Tiny House Blog: Do you worry that people will perceive this website as an opportunity for you to capitalize on the Movement?

Kai: I really do. But I think of it this way: I have seen tons of Facebook posts where a reader chides a builder for the total cost of his or her home. And I read Macy Miller’s recent rebuttal (to her detractors) with a heavy heart. It’s easy for people to misinterpret things or filter through their own experience. The bottom line is that we want to bring people together. If we are able to do so, it’s going to be worth any misconceptions.

Tiny House Blog: What’s the cost of membership?

Kai: Right now membership is free. We are building this community from the ground up. The first people to join have been absolutely fantastic about sharing their enthusiasm and feedback. We are learning from them, and we know that we need to reach critical mass in order to create an exciting platform that gives lots of people many choices. Down the road we’ll consider a nominal fee to cover operating expenses.

Tiny House Blog: How can people sign up?

Kai: Just go to www.tinyhousedating.com and register with coupon code “free2join” for complimentary gold membership.