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Free Tumbleweed Popomo Plans

Six months ago, Steve from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company envisioned FREE house plans made so simple that almost anyone could build them. Steve is happy to announce the FREE Popomo House Plans with the purchase of the Small House Book. Tumbleweed chose the Popomo because it is the easiest house to build from our catalog. […]

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Vermont Cottage Sale

Jamaica Cottage Shop is offering a Sale from Friday June 11th and it will run for 10 days and ends Monday June 21st. There are now three different Vermont Cottages you can choose from, plus plans are available too. If you order be sure and tell them you found out about the Sale at the Tiny […]

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Tiny Yellow House – Episode 4

Roly West’s Cabin In Maine Here’s another brand new video for “Tiny Yellow House”- well, kinda, as this is another one that was shot spur-of-the-moment, on a flip-camera, which we had bought on impulse, 3 hours prior to this shoot! Deek says: “We need small sponsors for these videos (the ones that we shoot on […]

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