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Sponsor Deek’s Tiny Yellow House Episodes

Here is a preview clip of a structure Deek (Derek Diedricksen) is now working on, that will travel with him to festivals, and speaking appearances, etc. Its designed to be a mobile, stackable, homeless shelter that doubles as a street vending kiosk. As always, its made with a good deal of recycled curb materials, and […]

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Jame’s Twelve Cubed Tiny House for Rent

I covered Jame’s Twelve Cubed design back in December of 2009. It was a very popular post and you can view it here with lots of great pictures. Vicki let me know that she had found it for rent and thought you might want to know about it. The micro home is for rent in […]

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Historic Vermont Tiny Homes – Free

I just got home from an overnight flight and am quite exhausted. I have lots of catching up to do but had a great vacation. Michael at Tiny House Design just posted a notice about some Historical tiny houses in Vermont that are Free to a Good Home. The only catch is that they have […]

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