The Terrapin Casual Turtle Camper

exterior Terrapin

Peter Pavlowich from Casual Turtle Campers just contacted me to tell me about a new model he is constructing. Peter says: This is the model I call the Terrapin, and I just got back to Colorado from delivering it to a very nice woman in New Hampshire. She had me keep the interior pretty simple, though it is insulated and finished. This particular unit weighed in at 1,260 pounds.

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Skoolies and the Tiny House Magazine

Tiny House Magazine Issue 29

This month’s magazine is a special edition exploring school buses converted into tiny houses.

Retired buses, rescued from the sidelines, are each given a special design and new color as seen by the new owner.

Jeremy Arndt says that: “When we were in the planning phases for our new tiny home, one of the biggest criteria was that it was mobile and drivable under its own power. In essence, we wanted a tiny home, but also wanted an RV to suit our needs and mobile lifestyle.”

Nina Nelson in her interview states: “There are a few reactions I get when people find out we lived in skoolie for a year with four kids. They range from jaws dropping and eyes widening in shock because it’s the craziest thing anyone’s ever heard of.”

Kelly Ross of Just Right Bus says: “When we bought the bus in March 2013 we had to remove all of the paraphernalia that made it look like a school bus. This included the stop sign, the bar the swings out from the front and the lettering on the outside. We roughly sanded off the words and put a spray of metal primer on top to prevent rust and this is how our Petunia looked for about a year.”

These stories and much more are included in this issue of the Tiny House Magazine.

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Tiny House Magazine Stories

Build Small, Live Large Spring ADU Tour with Caravan – Tiny House Hotel

With the explosion of newly built and available ADUs (accessory dwelling units) in the Portland, Ore. area, the option to view them has also increased. Caravan – Tiny House Hotel in NE Portland had over 850 attendees tour 12 ADUs during their Build Small, Live Large event last year. This year the attendance is expected to double in size and will include 25 units on the self-guided tour. The 2nd Annual Build Small, Live Large: Portland’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Tour will be held Friday, May 29 through Sunday, May 31, 2015. The early bird cost (until May 23rd) for the workshop and the two day tour is $75 per person. The two-day tour is $50 per person.


“We already have people registered to attend from 10 different states for this year’s tour, so it’s drawing national interest,” Kol Peterson of Caravan – Tiny House Hotel said. Continue reading

Tiny House Hunters for HGTV

tiny house hunters

Jason Preston from HGTV contacted me this last week and asked me to share this with you. If this is you please contact them.

Our new season of Tiny House Hunters is cranking along and the network has extended us for more episodes.

Are you looking for or about to buy a tiny house – 500 square feet or smaller? If so, the producers of HGTV’s “Tiny House Hunters” are now casting for people buying tiny homes to feature on newly added episodes of our current season.

Energetic, fun and enthusiastic tiny house home buyers interested in being on Tiny House Hunters should email

Here are some clips from last years show:

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses Front Range

front range 1

Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses says: I wanted to share the latest and greatest from the Rocky Mountains. We have just finished this “Front Range” model and are trying to sell it so we can move on to the next cool design.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses is pleased to announce the completion of its latest spec model, the Front Range. This tiny house pays homage to the front range of Colorado and Wyoming where the plains meet the mountains, as witnessed in the transverse shed roof. The high side is intended to point south and has abundant glass to emphasize view. Most of colorado’s population resides in the front range in urban settings, and as such, this house has a contemporary flare with clean lines, a simple interior pallette, and a more open floor plan compared to more traditional tiny houses. There are, however, a few rustic touches to add warmth. Continue reading