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Tiny House in a Landscape

Colorado Yurt Owner Michael Drummy bought 15 acres in rural, picturesque northern New Mexico – “O’Keeffe Country” it’s called because the painter Georgia O’Keeffe lived there for the second half of her life. After buying the property outright we didn’t have the means to build anything very expensive down there. We purchased a 20’ yurt […]

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Contemporary Prairie Schooner

Libby Reinish and Tristan Chambers contacted me about a project they are working on and wanted to share with you. My partner and I are building a bow-top gypsy wagon and documenting our progress on This is our first tiny house, and we will be moving into it in one month, when we depart […]

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Book Giveaway this Holiday Weekend

Kerri, over at Living Large, is offering a book giveaway this weekend. Many tiny house lovers also like to simplify their lives in other ways. Raising your own chickens and having the ultimate control over your food is a great way to save money and live a more sustainable life. Pop over, make a comment […]

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