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Poll – Tiny House Placement

I’m curious as to where people have their tiny homes or where they plan to put them once they get them. Do you prefer a foundation or wheels so that you can take it anywhere? Are you a water lover and want to have your tiny house be on a floating platform? Or how about […]

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Floating Retreat

It’s been awhile since I have covered any cool floating homes. Remember Steph’s Floating Cottage. She is busy remodeling it and getting ready to really move in. This week I discovered this cool little Swedish retreat thanks to materialicious. This floating retreat is located somewhere in the Swedish Archipelago, where it is off the grid […]

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Home Security System

If you are living in a small or tiny house, you most likely won’t have as many material things around as you would in a larger home. However, the quality of these items you have may be more. Each piece of furniture, appliance or equipment has its special purpose so you do not want someone […]

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