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The Next Little Thing? New York Times

The New York Times has published a great article on the tiny house movement. In it is featured Michael Janzen the creator of the Tiny Free House, also included in the article is Jay Shafer and Greg Johnson on the Tumbleweed west coast border to border tour pictured above on a freeway in Los Angeles. […]

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Small Shower for Tiny Spaces

Most likely your tiny house is going to have a smaller bathroom than a larger home. A shower is a very important feature to have. An attractive shower that fits into your small house is a must. For a visual centerpiece check out this unit by LineaAqua. Here are some of its features. It’s bold, […]

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One Ugly Boat

This is a follow-up to the Floating Retreat post of a few days ago. I had mentioned One Ugly Boat in that post and Harold the owner and designer of One Ugly Boat wrote and told me about his new design, the 32 foot shanty. I thought you floating home enthusiasts might be interested in it. The […]

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