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How Much Will You Spend?

In my last survey we asked what kind of foundation people wanted we learned that about 50% of people want a house on a permanent foundation. My friend Michael at the ran a similar survey and discovered that 40% of people wanted a 400 square foot small house. So the next question… [poll id=”3″]

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Ecovillage Disability Assistant

Are you interested in learning about life in an ecovillage? Do you want to get some experience living off the grid while helping a disabled person at the same time? If you answer yes to these questions, then you should be interested in this work exchange opporutnity. Nathan Brown who has helped me get the […]

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Simple Solar Systems

If you’d like to save money on your fuel bills at the same time as doing something to help the environment, switching your home over to solar energy may be the solution. But how should you go about it? Aren’t solar panels expensive and difficult to install? What if you live in a rented property? […]

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