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Tiny House Community: Scottish Island for Sale

Just imagine… 760 acres of Scotland to call your own.  With a stone schoolhouse, post office and nine traditional cottages to boot.  There’s even a cafe! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a tiny house community in the making to me! The whole kit and caboodle costs $2.3 million, but don’t fret […]

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Tiny House Community: Places with No Building Codes

One of the barriers to owning a small home is regional legislation against houses under a certain size. If you want to build it yourself, or live in a place that isn’t exactly conventionally constructed, then your options can be even more limited. Worry not, because the Tiny House Blog is here to help you […]

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Tiny Houses for Sale in Washington State Right Now

Washington has become one of the most popular destinations in the country for folks looking to relocate for gorgeous wilderness, temperate seasons and some of the most progressive legislature to be found – but now, the Evergreen State is becoming known for tiny houses as well. If you’re interested in downsizing in Washington, check out […]

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