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Small Homes for Sale in New Zealand

Have you been dreaming of living in New Zealand? It could happen sooner than you think, and for far less money that you ever imagined. Would you believe me if I told you that you could buy a tiny house in New Zealand for less than US$7500? I know, it sounds too good to be […]

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Should I get a home construction loan?

Thinking about getting a construction loan for a tiny house? We’re here to help you sort out the details. Financing a new home of any size isn’t easy, given the legacy of the 2008 sub-prime lending crisis and the conservative attitude that has pervaded the banking industry ever since. These days, buyers more often than […]

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7 Tiny Houses for Sale in Hawaii

Dreaming of living in Hawaii? A tiny house could be your chance. Who wouldn’t love to live in the land of volcanoes, surfing and the mahalo spirit? Downsizing your accommodations doesn’t have to mean downsizing your lifestyle. Check out these seven beautiful tiny homes for sale – if you want to learn more about any […]

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