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Got Land? ESCAPE is Looking for Rental Program Partners

The ESCAPE name and series of beautifully designed homes have not only changed the face of tiny houses, but now they are looking for rental partners who own appealing properties. These partners will receive a percentage of the program rental income and have the opportunity to purchase the unit as well. ESCAPE is looking for […]

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Train Cars, Rafting and Ziplines in Caboose Village

There is something about the caboose and historic train cars that sparks both nostalgia and wonder with people who love tiny houses (and trains.) So having several of them in one location, a location full of natural beauty, is a dream come true. Caboose Village is a resort located near the Big Rock Candy Mountain […]

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Keep Your Death in Mind While Decluttering

“While one would usually say ‘clean up after yourself.’ here we are dealing with the odd situation of cleaning up before…we die.” Margareta Magnusson on döstädning, or “death cleaning” Years ago, t-shirt and bumper stickers spouted the immortal words by Malcolm Forbes, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” With the contemporary voluntary simplicity […]

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