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weeHouse Studio for Sale

Fans of Alchemy Architects and the weeHouse now have a chance to purchase the weeHouse studio that was used as the Saturn Sky convertible touring companion. The cost for the original house was $65,000, but Alchemy is offering the studio as is for $48,000. Download the sales PDF here. The 27×12 foot weeHouse was an […]

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Lakefront Log Cabins

Now is the perfect time of year to curl up next to a woodstove in a tiny lakeside cabin. Lakefront Log Cabins, located in beautiful Lake Tahoe, offers customized precut cabin kits in several different sizes ranging from 12×16 feet to 18×32 feet. These cabins have been built for weekend getaways, hunting cabins and primary […]

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The Mexican Casita

Using a word dating back from the 1860’s, the casita might just be the original tiny house. The Spanish diminutive of casa or house is used to describe a small Latino style home, usually sharing space with other homes its size. My husband and I spent a portion of the holidays in Baja, Mexico, and […]

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