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Top 5 Tips For Becoming A Digital Nomad

Photo courtesy of Rhonda Grice .com

Just a few weeks ago I shared some secrets of being a digital nomad with you. I even talked you through it. But soon after posting I realized that my information seemed very domestic. Folks commenting were interested in being a digital nomad on a more global scale. Why create a life of endless opportunity […]

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Connecting Propane To Your Tiny House

Propane. Can’t live with it. Can’t stop talking about it. I like to call it the “friendly flammable.” But what is it exactly? WHAT IS PROPANE? Also known as liquid petroleum gas, LP-gas, and LPG, propane is produced in roughly equal amounts from both natural gas and crude oil sources.  Propane is nontoxic, colorless, and […]

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The Secret(s) Of A Digital Nomad

Living life as a digital nomad (or a location-independent professional) is one of the most exciting ways to live life. Ten years ago it was called telecommuting. That term has come to describe someone who works for a company but doesn’t go into the corporate office each day. I like to call that a Tier […]

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