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The Tiny House: Planing Your Reclaimed Lumber

There is something to be said for revisiting experiences. No matter how much progression the tiny house movement makes there are still some fundamental lessons to be learned. One of those lessons is how to properly salvage wood. There is some misconception in just pilfering wood from an old barn and tacking it right up as […]

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How To Build A Tiny House

Type the search phrase ‘how to build a tiny house’ into your favorite search engine and you’ll find no less than 9 blog posts with that direct phrase. You’ll then see somewhere around 37 with similar wording. How To Build A Tiny House. What a vague question. Wait! Is it even a question? What a […]

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Quick Tips For Washing Clothes On The Go

In recent days I have heard several stories of freshly minted college kids and teenagers a like who – when tasked with it – have stared blankly at a washing machine. With detergent in hand, water running, and smelly, collegiate clothes piled at their feet, the youths have buckled under pressure turning to YouTube or […]

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