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Creating Summertime Shade For Your Tiny House

I am an unabashed music theatre fan and anytime the mercury rises I can hear File and company from Harvey Schmidt’s ‘110 In The Shade’ singing: Overhead the sun is shining / Not a cloud across the sky / Not a sign on the horizon / And it’s gonna be another hot day / Yes, […]

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Can A Pre-Fab Be Made Into a Tiny House?

The question is asked so often and so often people respond with affirmative as if it is the easiest task in the world. Perhaps it may be. But it still requires some planning, some elbow grease, and some skill. What are we talking about? Turning a pre-fab garage or barn or shed into a tiny […]

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We Are The Tiny House People

This weekend I had the opportunity to be a featured speaker at the Dayton Mini Jam. A regional (and scaled down) version of the Tiny House Jamboree scheduled for August 7-9 in Colorado Springs, CO, the Mini Jam seemed to be a successful version of what could very well be a recurring event in regions […]

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