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Disney Destroyed My Tiny House

Just a couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to visit Disney World in central Florida with my family. It was a magical time (would you expect any less?) that was full of childhood memories and storybook worlds. My 5-year old daughter and I spent the first day making our way through storybook rides […]

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Is Living In A Van As Glamorous As They Say?

#Vanlife has become incredibly popular lately. In fact, just last month The New Yorker magazine wrote an article about it. Of course TNY article focused more on #vanlife as a social media phenomenon it raised an interesting point as to why the new tiny lifestyle had become so popular. It is the irony behind the […]

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Minimalist Packing Tips (updated for 2017)

Each year I try to create a list of tips for minimalist packing. Little changes from year to year but technology and convenience does alter the market a bit causing the list to change every so slightly. That said, the tips below may help you travel more lightly and experience more greatly! CAPSULE WARDROBE. Granted […]

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