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The Art In And Of The Tiny House

During the first weekend of February a team of builders and tiny house leaders including Deek Diedricksen, Dustin Diedricksen, Joshua and Shelley Engberg, Roy St. Clair, Michelle Boyle, Andrew Odom, Palo Coleman, and Martin Skrelunas, met up at the Craft & Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, CA, to build a one-room tiny house/cabin to be […]

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A New Sort Of Tiny House On Wheels Toilet

Anyone who has done their due diligence on tiny homes has more than likely read the Humanure Handbook, discovered the Lovable Loo, and probably given some time to the plastic throne (complete with sawdust!). Recently though on one of the many tiny house Facebook pages I saw something quite interesting. Someone had uploaded a photo […]

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