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9 Ways to Make Your Tiny House Green

Creating something new from scratch can be so exciting. If you are considering adding an element of sustainability to your tiny home, it’s important to know what you can do on your own and what you should outsource. Whether you are building your tiny home from the ground up or working to renovate your existing […]

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Decluttering Project – Infographic

Making a house a home is about putting your own stamp on it and sometimes accumulating an inordinate amount of belongings becomes a part of that. Inevitably then that will lead to clutter. No matter how hard we might try, at some stage, at least one part of our home will be cluttered. The main […]

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How Far Can you Go For FREE? – with Derek and Amy Cobia

What IS a tiny house? Don’t worry, we won’t be arguing the fine points of this concept this week. We will, however, once again be happily welcoming a simple living, tiny space occupying, couple to chat with us about overcoming the challenges of living small and on the road full time. Intrigued? Our guests this […]

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