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Solo Stove Lite Review

The other day I took a drive to the high desert to try out my new Solo Stove Lite. It is still a little cold out for camping so I decided to just go out and fix some coffee and a light breakfast. I drove to a favorite place I often walk to and unpacked […]

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DIY Tiny Home Renovation Planning

Your house might be tiny, but renovating it is a huge deal. Tiny homes come with unique needs, which means they usually need custom pieces that work well in the home. Not only do pieces need to fit, but they need to be multi-functional to make the most out of your space. Ordering custom pieces […]

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Belle Green Tiny House for Sale

Tiny house for sale in the in the San Antonio area. Currently set up for a B&B or older adult but can be adjusted for anyone. 22 feet X 9-1/2 feet mounted on top of the trailer and can be removed if desired to put on a regular foundation. Split air, on-demand water heater, all […]

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