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House of Fallen Timbers Update

David Lottes sent me a progress report for The House of Fallen Timbers and I thought you would enjoy seeing his progress. Here is the previous post if you are seeing this for the first time. The walls are half way up now! I’m still on target to get under roof by August but I’ve […]

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Sponsor Deek’s Tiny Yellow House Episodes

Here is a preview clip of a structure Deek (Derek Diedricksen) is now working on, that will travel with him to festivals, and speaking appearances, etc. Its designed to be a mobile, stackable, homeless shelter that doubles as a street vending kiosk. As always, its made with a good deal of recycled curb materials, and […]

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Update on the Contemporary Prairie Schooner

Libby sent me an update on their Contemporary Prairie Schooner and I’ll let Libby tell you about it. We began construction on our tiny home in March. Now, at the beginning of July, we are living full time in our prairie schooner while we travel cross country. I will be blogging our journey on […]

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