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Tiny Free House Update

Michael Janzen has started to cut up pallets and build wall panels as of Friday, it’s very exciting. Thursday night Michael stayed up late and made some important changes to the floor plan of his tiny free house. he moved the door to the side, moved the pitch horizontally, and pretty much changed the whole […]

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Timberlast – New Kits

David Fernandez of Timberlast who builds timberframes on the east coast wants to let you know that he is now offering new kits. David says our Timberframe kits come complete for a weather tight shell that’s easy to build and ready for you to do as little or as much as you like with the […]

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Concrete Pipe House

Michael Janzen who is building the Tiny Free House also is quite the designer himself. He recently started a blog called Tiny House Design and has started adding a few of his own small or tiny house designs to it. A few weeks ago Michael spotted a cool little Austrian hotel room online built from […]

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