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Sustainable Hand Hewn Timber Frame

One of my google alerts brought this beautiful timber frame to my attention. From a craigslist listing from the New Salem, Massachusetts area. You can own this beautiful hand hewn timber frame, modeled after Thoreau’s cabin at Walden pond. With a footprint of 10’ x 15’ this timber frame would be perfect for an artist studio, […]

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For Sale – Custom made Western Saloon Building

FOR SALE – Custom made Western Saloon building (8’ x 16’) – $4500 An 8’ x 16’ custom-built Western Saloon building, complete with a front porch and metal roof. The porch railing encloses the entire front porch and is removable on both sides, as well as the front center section. The building was built in […]

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Mobile Solar SolMan

This is a post I wrote for the Tumbleweed blog back a year or so, but I felt the information would be good to have here on the Tiny House Blog too. Adding Solar to your tiny house can be a daunting task if you are not up to date on all the latest technology […]

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