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Stone Mountain Cabin Plans

Cub Creek Elevation Cabin Plans I recently came across this great site called Stone Mountain Cabins with some wonderful tiny/small cabin plans. “I believe each person searches for solitude and comfort in many ways. I find comfort in the simple pleasures of life – a great book and the company of family. But most of all […]

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Little Cob Cabin

Hi Everyone. Sorry it has been so long since the last post. My computer’s mother board started to die and it took a few days to get it replaced. I need to get a back up computer in the near future. Today we are going to look at a cob cabin. Building with Cob This […]

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Bungalow In A Box

Raoul and Vicki Hennin founded Montsweag Brook Corporation on the coast of Maine in 1998 to fulfill their creative entrepreneurial dreams. His Bungalows surprise and delight clients with a substance and scale not found in other kit designs. Before delivery on site, bungalow components are precisely crafted in the Bungalow Barn. Assembly techniques on-site are […]

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