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Global Portable Buildings

If you are looking for that house for under $20k, look no further than Global Portable Buildings, Inc. of Santa Rosa, California. They make a standard storage container into a very livable structure, which is also very affordable. Global Portable Buildings, Inc. build the “Ultimate” with its modern finished kitchen, bathroom and extra room (8′ […]

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Double Space Bed System for Small Spaces

John Gudenkauf of Tucson, Arizona has created the perfect bed for your small space or tiny house. Double Space Bed Systems was created by the joint effort of John and Yani Gudenkauf. The original concept arose after researching and planning out the details to build a comfortable “tiny house” of 200 sf. Most very small/tiny […]

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Small House Society

If you are serious about downsizing, than you need to stay connected through the Small House Society. The Small House Society was founded by Jay Shafer, Shay Salomon, Nigel Valdez, and Gregory Johnson. The Small House Society is a voice for the Small House Movement. That movement includes movie stars who have downsized into 3000 […]

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