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Mad Housers Shelter

Mad Housers Inc. Shelter In this post I want to look at the very basic shelter that a person needs. This may be considered extreme by many, but in reality it shows what shelter really is and what we can get by with if necessary. First let’s look at the description of shelter in the […]

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Avesund’s Tiny House

Hermit’s Cabin Those of you familiar with the Avesund’s “Hermitage’s Cabin” which is just big enough for one person, equipped for all seasons and can be located practically anywhere. You can place it in the mountains, in the woods, in your own backyard or maybe even inside your own house. Use it anywhere you want […]

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Yurt Camping

TreeBones Resort Big Sur, CA $155 and Up Want to experience living in a tiny house, now that Summer is approaching it is a great time to consider renting a Yurt at a retreat or campground for a couple of nights or a week to get the feel of what it would be like downsizing […]

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