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Camp Coyote Update

Our story is that the Tiny House Blog inspired my wife and I to build a farm campground using small (all acquired for free) farm outbuildings. Camp Coyote is opening for overnight stays in July and we thought we would announce it here. The camp is seven small structures set on our farm pasture in […]

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Eco Cocon Solar House

Almantas in Lithuania shares an ecologic straw-bale solar house. Solar architecture is based on the efficient use of the energy and the direct solar energy utilization principle. Almost all windows are located in the southern side of the building. This way when the sun rays fall obliquely in spring, autumn and winter, more IR spectrum sun […]

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Jenine’s Modern Tiny House Project

Jenine Alexander my friend and nearby neighbor in Healdsburg, CA is building her second home with the help of a friend, Amy Hutto. I had the chance to stop by the other day and see the progress and it is coming along really well. They are offering it for sale and it will be ready […]

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