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The Ski Hut by Jalopy Cabins

Lyle Congdon my friend from Jalopy Cabins sent me an update on their latest cabin which I had covered earlier this year. Without all the snow and rain here in southwest Colorado, Lyle and Wolf at Jalopy Cabins have finally been able to complete their latest cabin, the “Ski Hut.” If you missed the earlier […]

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Monkton Vermont Tiny House

Dale Helms a fine furniture maker from Monkton, Vermont was featured in the Sequel of Stuck in Vermont a feature story on Peter King Tiny House Builder based in Vermont. Dale recently sent me an update on their house and I wanted to share it with you. I’ll turn it over to Dale and let […]

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Jenine’s and Amy’s Open House

Sunday I spent four hours at Jenine Alexander’s and Amy Huto’s Forge Ahead open house here in Healdsburg, California. I had a lot of fun getting to know a bunch of local tiny house enthusiasts that I had not met before. I enjoyed visiting with Louise who was not a local and had come all the […]

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