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Tiny Parcels for Tiny Houses

One of my readers Drue by name had an interesting suggested for another alternative for a place to put a tiny house. It is not without it’s own problems and you must be careful but I think his suggestions are worth looking into. I’ll turn it over to Drue now and please comment below as […]

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Laurel Nest’s Yurtle

Asia contacted me the other day about an interesting tiny house concept. Asia is the owner of a company called Laurel Nest Yurts. Here is what Asia had to say: We just “invented” a yurt on a trailer, with a round deck. The Mongolians invented yurts as a portable structure. Laurel Nest Yurts invented the […]

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Jay Shafer’s Small House Book and Plans

My friend and fellow tiny house enthusiast Jay Shafer is featured today on Yahoo’s front page. So if you missed it be sure and check it out. Jay has a fantastic book out called The Small House Book and I would encourage anyone new to tiny houses to purchase the book. You can buy it directly […]

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