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Kevin’s Mini Homestead

Kevin a friend of mine on facebook has been designing and building a prototype of a micro homestead with a barn and garden area, solar powered, with saw dust toilet and propane heat and a micro kitchen area. Portable and able to knock down and setup in 30 minutes using off the shelf materials skill […]

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Tiny House in a Landscape

Somewhere in the wilds of Canada this cute little cabin resides. This little cabin is still under construction and I hope to share more pictures with you when it is completed. The owners thought this picture would be perfect for the Tiny House in a Landscape feature and I agree. Built deep in the woods, […]

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Mobile Art Space

Andy spotted this on the San Francisco craigslist. I had to share it before someone buys it, could it be you? What would you use it for? Mobile art studio, meditation space, gypsy wagon, guest or music space, storage, concessionaire stand……many uses, simple design. Need to sell, have a date with India…..$2,800 Best regards Nathan […]

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