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Mobile Art Space

Andy spotted this on the San Francisco craigslist. I had to share it before someone buys it, could it be you? What would you use it for? Mobile art studio, meditation space, gypsy wagon, guest or music space, storage, concessionaire stand……many uses, simple design. Need to sell, have a date with India…..$2,800 Best regards Nathan […]

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Compact Independent Space

Debbie spotted this unique space designed by architect Alberto Gonzalez, Manuel Villa in Bogota, Columbia. This unusual house stands out for its unconventional shape and contemporary take on family living. The compact house design features a polyhedron shape, clad in a black exterior with a huge window taking up an entire side of the house. […]

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Seattle’s Timber Frame FabCab

Logan, Tammy Strobel’s from the Rowdy Kittens blog husband brought this new company to my attention recently. I have been in touch with Maura a partner in the business to learn more about this unique timber frame pre-fab product. FabCab designs and sells pre-fabricated and kit-built environmentally-friendly homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Maura says: […]

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