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Learn to Build a Tiny House and Create a Beautiful Tiny Life

In the very early days of the Tiny House Blog back in 2007, I was mainly blogging about different types of construction. I was a big fan of straw bale construction and during my search on the internet, I came across Andrew Morrison and I was fascinated with his instructional CDs and ordered several […]

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Tiny House One Tile Heater/Cooker

While masonry heaters have been known and used throughout cold climate countries in Europe and the former Soviet Union for hundreds of years, they have only come into regular use and popularity in North America during the last forty years. Today there is a general recognition that masonry heaters are clean burning, fuel efficient, beautiful, […]

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Deciding to go tiny

Deciding to go tiny is a big decision. Looking back on downsizing is pretty beautiful. We’ve learned countless life lessons, grown as a family, and began to be intentional in life in ways we never dreamed possible. Here is a look back at the 5 most important lessons we’ve learned in going tiny. Brynn Burger […]

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