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We Lost Our Guest…What Do We Do!?

We improvise, that’s what we do! With Shandra Morton & her dog Reno & John & Finn & Sarah Stebbins. Gracious! What began as a head-scratching problem turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for us at Tiny House Podcast. When our scheduled guest couldn’t make it, we wondered what would happen if we opened […]

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How to Keep a Tiny House Cool

During the summer months in Portland, Oregon, air-conditioning was unnecessary. The temperature was typically around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (F) and rarely felt hot. The wool insulation in the tiny house combined with a fan to suck in the cool evening air was all that was required to stay within a tolerable temperature. However, now that […]

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Cubic Mini Wood Stoves for Tiny Houses

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves manufactures miniature stoves from their shop in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada, that are portable, fuel-efficient, and well-constructed. It is the ideal heater for small structures such as tiny houses, boats, etc. As I have not had the opportunity to use one or even see one in person. I asked Andrew the General Manager […]

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