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Beaver Hill Woodcrafters Gypsy Wagons

When I was a kid, one of my favorite stories was Danny the champion of the world by Roald Dahl. Danny and His dad live in a gypsy wagon. Fast forward 40 years and my wife and I were in a dilemma, she wanted to get a travel trailer and I realized that if we […]

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Curiously Exploring Hoarders ~ with Matt Chan

You’ve heard us talk about downsizing here on the Podcast. Hopefully you’ve learned a bit about organizing, how to get ready to live in a tiny space, and about how to prioritize experiences over life. This week, however, we’re donning the “other shoe” and interviewing someone with experiences in an almost-alternate-world that hopefully you’ll never […]

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What to Outsource When Building a Sustainable Tiny House

So you’ve decided to adopt the sustainable life and go tiny? Now it’s time to decide if you want to build your tiny house yourself or to outsource the task. Depending on your building experience, there are a few major tasks you should consider outsourcing to professionals. Still want to get your hands dirty? There’ll […]

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