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Egloo Small Portable Space Heater

Marco contacted me quite a while back and asked me to check out and review his new creation called the Egloo, a small candle powered space heater. I agreed as I thought this sounded like something someone living in a small space might like, and I was also curious if and how it would work. […]

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Quality Builds Bless The Rains In Africa with Jeremy Weaver

Jeremy Weaver from Wind River Tiny Homes quit medical school years ago to pursue a masters degree that emphasized entrepreneurialism. Thus Wind River was born! And now, he’s about to move on from Wind River to pursue other, even more wonderful adventures, including living in a farmhouse he built himself, popping out another baby and, […]

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The Blue House an Off-grid Micro-House

Jake from Tiny Life Supply just put together a tour video of a tiny house they recently finished up in British Columbia. It is also for sale and here are a few of the details. The Blue House is a fully off-grid self-sustainable 171 square foot micro home. The thoughtfully designed main floor includes a […]

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