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Tiny House Journeys – Tiny House Magazine Issue 66

As I was putting together this issue I noticed how much of a journey tiny living is to so many people. These journeys come in a variety of ways. Joshua Becker lists how creating a minimalist life dramatically changed his and his family’s life for the better, and Tiffany Bee talks about her vacation in […]

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Teardrops On The Plains Of Africa With Aeroteardrop Trailers

Janice and Brian are intrepid entrepreneurs who met “in the worst workplace in the world”. That fateful encounter led the two not only into their relationship, but also into two successful organizations, one of which has introduced a brand new teardrop trailer to the car-camping market. Aeroteardrop trailers makes well-built, semi-customizable trailers with so many […]

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Casting Call For Tiny House Rock Stars

Roger Lehet, the inventor of the Kimberly™ wood stove, is excited to announce that Unforgettable Fire™ and Unforgettable Tiny House™ have an opportunity to appear on episodes of a wildly popular television show that is all about tiny homes! But to make this happen, Roger must first find the Unforgettable Tiny House™ rock stars — […]

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