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The tiny house movement has gone viral the world over. The idea of being able to have a complete home that can be towed behind a vehicle, although not new, is a timely concept. With the cost of full-sized homes being beyond the reach of many, coupled with the high cost of land, the future […]

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Tasting Tiny: Give Your Best Life a Test-Drive

You are one of those cool dads whose big white sneakers inspired Balenciaga. Who takes the drone out on the weekend to get fantastic shots of your child’s baseball game. Who inspires other dads to step up the cool factor with those fun techie things that make your kids exhilarated with the amount of awe. […]

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Madras High School Tiny House

The Construction Engineering program at Madras High School did not exist until 2 years ago. At the time, the school had not had any vocational programs for at least 4 years. The school district approached me, a general contractor at the time, and asked if I would start the program. I had no teaching experience […]

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