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Edifier M200 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Ever since I began publishing the Tiny House Blog 10 years ago, I get approached by different companies to share their products with you and do reviews. A lot of items I simply am not interested in or do not feel tiny housers, in general, would be either. However, every once in a while a […]

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How Building a Tiny House Can Translate to Work Experience

Long gone are the days when you can say “I can’t do this, because I don’t know how.” With the help of Youtube, books, online resources, and of course, this blog, you can learn all there is to know about building a tiny house. There are several benefits to joining the tiny house community, one […]

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Skoolie Homes Tiny House Magazine Cover

In the last couple of years Skoolies, aka retired school buses, have become a very popular alternative to live tiny. The neat thing about a Skoolie is that you are repurposing an old school bus that has been put out to pasture. Often these buses have very low mileage yet the law requires them to […]

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