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Getting Squared With A New Tiny Builder

Super-green and sustainable builder Zerosquared is one of the newest tiny house builders. Their first product, the Aurora, caused a stir with two bump-outs, SIP construction and other energy-efficient designs. We talked with Zerosquared principal Scott Wilson and his journey into the tiny house community, including an 18-month stint he and his wife spent traveling […]

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Tiny tree House Glamping Combo

My name is Lori and I too have a love of tiny spaces but also of tree houses. And I love camping but also modern conveniences. All of these loves inspired Glamping at Deer Camp and can be found by googling that title and on Facebook. It is a 12×12 cabin, with an outdoor kitchen […]

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ZeroSquared Aurora Tiny House

We created ZeroSquared as a solution. We believe we can help people live happier lives with less stress. We can give you comfort, functionality, and freedom. Allowing you to downsize without downgrading your life. The Aurora is 26ft long, 13’6″ high, and 8’6″ wide when contracted (and 15’10” when expanded), making it easy to transport […]

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