Walt’s Micro Home Plans

Walt Barrett, who has designed and built a micro home and also guests posts here on the Tiny House Blog has recently made available his Micro Home plans and is letting me sell them to you on the Tiny House Blog.

The plans are for a micro home that is 8 foot by 16 foot and fits on a standard 16 foot trailer. It also has the option of being removed from the trailer and put on a standard foundation. The plans are detailed 33 pages including cut sheets and drafted by Chuck White.

Below are a few example pages from his plans. He has made them available at a very reasonable price of $19.95. You can purchase them below or on the Plans Page.

Walt’s 8 x 16 Micro Home Plans

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Roger - December 7, 2010 Reply

Finally! A plan that doesn’t have two sinks within 5 feet of each other. Nice looking home. Good job.

alice - December 7, 2010 Reply

I don’t bother with sinks at all, I’ve used big stainless steel bowls for years. You can use them for lots of other things, do dishes outside on sunny days, heat the dishwater on stove or campfire and you get more counter space. Using two bowls gives you a double sink, but you can stack and stash easily. Of course if you’re using greywater tanks you need some kind of drain system, but if you just have a sink draining into a bucket it isn’t worth having a sink at all. If you have a sink and greywater tank you can still use bowls, just use the sink as a funnel for your tank and fit it with a cutting board when not in use.

bruce - December 7, 2010 Reply

to gain a little more space, eliminate the bathroom door and small bump out wall in front of the toilet, replacing both with two overlapping plywood doors, one left-hinged onto the wall going to the kitchen, the other right-hinged onto the small wall beside the toilet.

these two plywood doors should each be almost long enough to completely fill the gap between these two hinge points. but they overlap each other when closed, and take less room from the main area than the design shown.

when both are opened you can enter the bathroom. once inside, latch the two doors together at their free edges forming a larger and more usable bathroom than the design shown.

this effectively makes the floor space in front of the toilet serve double duty: it is part of the living room when you’re in the living room, and part of the bathroom when you’re in there.

Sandy - December 7, 2010 Reply

8 x 16 seems like an ideal size for a tiny house and fits on a trailer! But a loft is almost a requirement in a house this small. Any loft, just to get the space-consuming bed out of the way (and add vital storage space).

Benjamin - December 8, 2010 Reply

I’d do a mock-up of the bathroom and try it out before building it. It looks like a really tight space. Would your knee be hard against the bathroom door? Would you find it awkward leaning forward to stand up from sitting on the toilet?

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