Tiny Yellow House #2- “Gypsy Junker”

Tiny Yellow House #2- “Gypsy Junker”


A Recycled Portable Cabin-Shack-Fort-Bunkhouse

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen just sent me a link to his brand new video that shows off his Gypsy Junker a portable cabin, shack, fort or bunkhouse.

This is his second episode and Deek continues with his high quality video format and a humorous Tiny Yellow House episode for us to enjoy.


  1. I totally love what this guy is doing. A friend of mine is turning her barn into a studio/overflow for her retreat center and she had a bunch of old wood she no longer wanted. I think I will be making something fun this summer 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I’ve got to show this to my granddaughter. She’s only 6 but already wants to build a little house to have tea parties and sleepovers in. Her first idea was to get an old table and find some old doors and windows and wood for walls and floor. I think she’s got the innovator/salvager thing figured out.

  3. Your granddaughter’s def. onto something! lol- and I actually have plans for a salvaged table fort in my book! Too funny….I guess I’m mentally on par with six year olds!

    As for the veg oil heater- I just talked to Kent and I’m going to try and clearly-word something real soon- so as to explain. Its REAL easy to assemble, and based off of age-old hurricane lamp designs, more or less….but with multiple wicks within (hence multiple flames), it gives off a decent amount of heat for small-space needs. I’ll try to quick-sketch a diagram REAL soon…

    Thanks for watching!


  4. Deek,

    My fiancé and I are absolutely in love with your enthusiasm. The junker is awesome, and I too can’t wait to hear about the workings of the stove.

    In summation, you are great! Don’t ever stop doing what you do. I want to buy us a copy of your book – give us a link on here! Michelle