Tiny Transition E-Course June 2014 Announcement

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ecourse page banner

Registration is officially open for the next session of the Tiny Transition E-Course, which has had two incredibly successful graduating classes so far! We’ve had people sell their houses and move into small apartments through the Tiny Transition process. I’ve had students transform their lives by downsizing their belongings. It has been a powerful experience to support these incredible groups through such life-changing decisions (big and small!). I’m always impressed by everyone in each class, it’s amazing to see people make such big changes in their lives and find more happiness. The next class begins June 15th, so sign up now to save your spot. I could tell you about how much students enjoy the course, but I’ll let them tell you!

Here are some testimonials from the last class:

“I found Lesson 2 worth the price of the whole course. Being given permission is ridiculously powerful. I’ve carted off a bunch of stuff to the thrift store and started to see clearly some of the mindset that keeps me holding on to things.” – Patty

“I loved the course, it was extremely helpful to me. I have been so busy with garage sales and getting the house ready to put on the market (in two weeks) I sold over $2,000 at the garage sale, have enough to have another one. Gave away a ton of stuff to friends. And if someone makes an offer on the house that includes furniture, I am giving it to them. Because of this course, I was able to let go of everything…I have gotten rid of old clothes that I have been holding on to for years, in hopes that I could wear them again. Art supplies I know I will never use. And I have begun to see myself differently.” – S.

“I am so glad I ran across the Tiny Transition e-course. I have made such progress, and peace has come into my life that wasn’t there this time last year, I am very grateful.” – Troy

“Yes, there was huge progress in my life. I downsized from two houses to one small one-bedroom condo and have taken boxes and boxes out of it. I’ll be listing it shortly to move into an apartment to get ready for my tiny house. I am already feeling so much lighter and more carefree. Thank you so much for your guidance and support.” – Carey

“I’m in the current course and am so glad I signed up for it! My husband and I have been preparing for about 7 months to downsize to a converted bus and were unsure if this course was really gonna have anything new to offer. It not only had new ideas and resources for us to explore but gave us a kick in our giddy up to start or finish projects we already knew needed attention. I highly recommend this course.” – Suzanne

“I signed up for the course several months ago. I started reading the intro to the course and felt I met a kindred spirit. I began selling things that I knew I didn’t need, knowing I wasn’t alone in this new journey. I am currently moving into a tiny home. This is a liberating change for me! …It feels like the most healthy thing I have done in a decade. Thank you for the inspiration! Just knowing I have support made all the difference in the world! “ – Jeanne

“I not only downsized to a 17ft travel trailer but moved to Utah to start a new life!” – Michelle

“Love. Love. Love this! Absolutely Brilliant.” – Janis

“Thank you, Mariah, for one of the best experiences of a lifetime!” – Lisa

As always, you will have access to the exclusive forum of other people in the group when you sign up. Many people say the forum is one of the best parts: the connections and friendships made through the course group motivate and support each person. Making connections to others on the same journey as you is important to staying on track, and it’s also great to be a part of such a fun group of friendly tiny-house people serious about changing their lives.

The next class begins on June 15th, so if you’re ready to change your life and downsize your belongings, your bills, and declutter your mental space, join us! You can start your tiny journey right now. Even if a tiny house isn’t your ultimate goal, this course will help you feel happier in your life and your home. You can read the full details here: Comet Camper E-courses

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