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I’m excited to introduce two new Tiny House Forums. Michael Janzen from Tiny House Designs and I have been involved with the Tiny House Forum for several years now, but we both have found out that we do not have the time to sufficiently monitor the forum and do it justice. We have also fought a lot of spam and other technical issues and have decided to close it down at the end of August. So I’m excited to see two new tiny house enthusiasts step up and fill the gap.

Jason Bendickson has opened the Tiny House Buzz a forum based on his passion for tiny houses. Jason says: I had started a blog about my own tiny house pursuits last year, but I find that I can’t express myself through that medium as well or as often as I would like. I find through the use of forums in my other interests that I can be of more benefit to others sharing what I know or what I can dig up and just link. I’m best with quick concise answers and I find it too laborious to do a blog any justice.

I didn’t want to create redundancy within the tiny house community by creating another forum, but I understood that if I was to run one I needed to start it all fresh; my personality type drives me toward independence and stubbornness. You can join my forum at http://www.tinyhousebuzz.com/

tiny house buzz

Jamison Hiner has just recently opened the Small House Forum and wants to invite you to sign up and start participating now. The forum is located here: http://www.smallhouseforum.com

So if you want to get involved in discussions regarding tiny houses please join one or both of these forums and help each other out with your knowledge and expertise.

small house forum

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  1. Marzena

    That’s a great news!
    I’ll be traveling to States in October (as I live in lovely Central European country of Poland)and was planning to see some tiny houses on my 3 weeks on East Coast.
    But I couldn’t find a site that will allow be to get in touch with tiny houses owners that will be willing to show me how they live.
    Now I can do it via these forums!

    1. dennis

      Hello Marzena

      im about 2/3 through building my tiny house if you would like to stop by and have a look your welcome to do so or I have many photos from the beginning to now and if you would like I could email them to you.

      Peace along the way
      Dennis the bus dweller NY

  2. GLENN

    I was so happy to see that this site was not shutting down I must have miss read the the story and got confused …any way glad to see she is not going anywhere ….thanks Kent …

    p.s. You do a great job on this site keep up the good work……..Glenn

  3. Mark Masterson

    Glad this blog is not going anywhere. I use it as a “news collator” to keep me up to date on tiny house articles.

    Please keep up the good work.

  4. R Bonsall

    For anyone wanting fresh ideas for the interior or garden, I am in the process of setting up Boards on Pinterest titled “Tiny House…” Just started a few days ago but have already pinneda lot of neat ideas. May have to rearrange the Boards (add more) later but they will always start with the words “Tiny House” since that is the purpose. REALLY going to miss this blog but have added the new ones to my Google Reader.

    1. Kent Griswold

      Just to restate, the Tiny House Blog is not going away. The “Tiny House Forum” will be shutting down this weekend because of all the spam and lack of time to keep it running smooth.

  5. Jason

    Tiny House Buzz is growing. I wanted to mention that THB has rich features, including the ability to post youtube and flash based content. We also have a built in chat room and some other gimmicks.

    I’ve created companion pages on Facebook and Google Plus in an attempt to bring in more enthusiasts. I don’t know how well I can maintain them, but I’ll do my best managing the forum itself and adding content to it will take precedence.

    Thanks again Kent for plugging the forum. :)

    – Jason



    1. Jason

      THB does have ads, due to the forum service being free, but that isn’t something that an ad blocker won’t take care of.

      When I’m able to, I’ll lay down the money to remove them for everyone.

      – Jason


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