A Tiny House Designer, Dweller and Advocate

The illustrious Vina Lustado of Sol Haus Design and the Tiny House Collaborative is an incredibly talented and humble tiny house designer, builder, dweller and advocate. Not only have  her sustainable tiny house designs gone around the world, she has help lead up major advocacy efforts in Ojai, CA.

In fact, Ojai is on the doorstep of being the second Californian city to adopt tiny house on wheels friendly zoning. But that’s not enough for Vina; she wants to help further zoning progress across the country. In the latest Tiny House Expedition Radio episode, Vina shares all about her tiny living philosophy and her dedicated advocacy efforts in Ojai and now Ventura County, CA.

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Join Vina Lustado, Lee Para and Lina Menard for their impactful Tiny House Collaborative workshop ,this weekend in Ojai, CA. They are also hosting a screening of Living Tiny Legally and panel discussion on October 1st, 5:30-7pm, with Tiny House Expedition, powerhouse advocate Dan Fitzpatrick and Ojai Planning Commissioners, Kathy Nolan and Chester Jagiello.



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Patricia Broderick - October 5, 2016 Reply

Hello I bought a piece of property in New Hampshire with two Cabins on it. They are rough and I camp in them but some people might not. I am interested in meeting people who might want to fix them up or camp in them to help pay for taxes and electric. Sincerely Pat

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