Tiny House Blog’s Fifth Anniversary

Tiny House Blog’s Fifth Anniversary

grand prize

I’m excited to announce the Tiny House Blog’s five year anniversary!

Five years ago on the 24th of May, 2007. I published the first post called Montana Mobile Cabins, you can check the post out here. I then invited a few of my friends to come and visit the blog. It has gone through several changes in appearance since that time and has grown extensively. From just a few visitors at the beginning, the blog now reaches around 12,000 visitors a day from around the world.

In the beginning I could only find a couple of people who were building tiny homes and living small, now I can’t keep up with them and several other tiny house blogs have come into existence to help fill the gaps. Please continue to share your projects and stories with me at the Tiny House Blog.

To celebrate, I have made arrangements with many of our tiny house vendors to donate prizes. And the Tiny House Blog is contributing also.


1st – One night in Dee’s Little House in Washington State
2ndFagor Portable Induction Cooktop
3rdWonder wash Washing machine

Here is what I need you to do to enter for a chance to win one of these great prizes: In the comment section below tell me: 1. What is your favorite Tiny House Blog post? and 2. Why it is your favorite?

I will then contact the winners and they will be announced in a post Friday, June 1, 2012. Thank you for helping make this possible! I appreciate your loyalty and the fact that you keep coming back. Let’s look forward to the next five years.

grand prize


  1. “Straw Bale and Tiny Homes” was one of my favorites. This style of housing is efficient and can be very aesthetic with the curves and cute little nooks carved into the walls. It satisfies the right and left brain in a very pleasing way.

  2. one favorite post??!?!? on this blog, it’s pretty much a new one every week 🙂 however, it’s most likely whatever post popped up on my web search for Jay Shaeffer that led me to your blog. Once i saw this blog i was hooked!!

    The other contender would be your post on Sandra Foster’s little Victorian cottage. my fantasy! I have a style site where i’ve described my own clothing style as ‘a mix of cobwebby victorian and the ruggedly utilitarian’ – you can see where Ms. Foster and i would be on the same vibe.

    I also appreciated seeing a ‘his and her’ approach to living spaces, done tiny. About 15 years ago i helped house sit for a couple outside Sebastapol. They had a couple of acres with two mobile homes a ways apart, for him and her. Having very aesthetically different places to be in makes your living area seem so much larger!

    My husband and i want to live in a tiny place some day, and i’m interested in the two tiny places plan. He thought i was nuts. But having a concrete, gorgeous, working example to show him has opened his mind to the possibility.

    Thank you so so so very much! Congratulations on your five years!! steph

  3. There are two posts that I re-view. One is the red cabin in the woods (can’t remember exact name), as for me it is one of the most practical, live able houses on the site. The other is the “restful” house, the one owned by the couple who do counseling/advice for people. That house is somehow so serenely perfect, yet simple,it is pure wonder. Thanks for a great site that has provided so much inspiration….

  4. It has to be my own…cabin build in New Mexico…not to detract from the hundreds of other great builds…but because it was built with my own tow hands and I have a deep spiritual connection to the place.

    stepping beyond my own build I found the caboose post to be one of my fav’s.


    Having spent a night in the caboose at strawberry park…it combine both the nostalgia of Rail roads and tiny homes.

  5. Kirsten’s Innermost House captivated me entirely in its design. . .and its purpose to facilitate conversation (and de-stressing). I was amazed at the spareness that is quite inviting. An enchanting place.

  6. I know it is to late but I love all the blogs that have the tiny homes in nature — or the one’s that are unique — oh let’s face it I love every one of the blogs and I read them nightly.

    Please do not stop!

  7. Innermost House has change my life. Although I have followed and loved these tiny houses for a very long time, this is the one that has put it all together for me. It most closely matches the picture I carry in my heart. And because of Tiny House Blog I have been following the Innermost house site on Facebook and getting a great deal to think about in the area of simple living. Many, MANY thanks to you for featuring this tiny house, and my CONGRATULATIONS on five great years.

  8. Innermost House has to be my favorite of all time. Not only the home itself but the lifestyle and what it represents is a long standing dream of ours. Diana Lorence writes beautifully and is certainly an inspiration.

    Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary and many thanks to you. The content of your blog continues to educate us and brings hope to our dream of living simply. I look forward to each post every week.

  9. One of my favorites was “Kathi’s Doll house”, because it is very much my style. I love that it’s tiny, but still has the feel of a regular house. Also, I’m not crazy about climbing a ladder to get to bed.

    Enjoy this site very, very much! Happy anniversary!

  10. I know it’s too late to win one of the prizes but I wanted to tell you that I really love your blog and the especially the galley pictures, it has propelled me into buying a aluminum shed and fixing up “a quite zone”, to go to when life gets overwhelming. I live in a house with 10 other people and 4 are children under 6. Between your blog and “my quite zone”, it keeps me sane. Thanks so much and keep the blog coming.

  11. I know the contest is over, however I’d like to contribute anyway:

    My current favorite (it changes about once a month when I read a particularly delightful new post)is “Tiny Tack House”

    I LIKE this post because of the story, and the way that any average Joe can relate to it. Malissa and Chris aren’t wood-smiths, or skilled builders, yet they still made their dream a reality.

    I RE-READ this post over and over again because it has a great order to it. I’ve been designing my own tiny house for a while now and hope to begin building and blogging by the end of this year. Malissa lays her build out really well in this post, and also on her own blog.

    I LOVE this post because of the photos! I could loose myself in the beautiful and artistic photos of this tiny house, and often find myself “living” in the pictures.

    I CAN’T GET ENOUGH of this post because I think it captures the essence of the Tiny House Blog: living a life teeming with color, experiences, order, and BIG happiness in a “small” space.

    Thanks for a great 5 years!